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A governance specialist based in Nairobi, Kenya. Deeply passionate about Kenya, and working to see Kenya realize her potential through the creation of a truly just and equitable society.

The Role We Play In A Corrupt Society

Corruption has consumed the very fabric of our society. So deeply entrenched, it has become the standard by which most transactions, both public and private, are conducted. Despite a raft of institutional and legislative reforms over the years, we do … Continue reading

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The Need to Build & Nurture Political Alternatives

Recently, I sent a tweet lamenting the fact that in the numerous political deliberations I have with people from various walks of life, the conversation is inevitably reduced to a Jubilee vs CORD discussion. Do these coalitions embody the sum … Continue reading

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Stuck in a Stagnant Political Culture…

What does our political culture reveal about us? If we are to be brutally honest with ourselves, the defining characteristic and primary determinant of political choice in Kenya is ethnicity. A recent round of Presidential appointments that saw political allies … Continue reading

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Kenya – US Relations: The Diplomatic ‘Cold Front’

President Obama has returned from his Africa tour without setting foot in Kenya, a fact that has been the source of much consternation in the land of his father. That a ‘son of the soil’ failed to visit his motherland … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Tallying

The dust will soon settle on the March 4th General Election, amid serious questions raised about the conduct of the polls by the IEBC, specifically around the tallying process. In many ways, the tallying process was eerily reminiscent of that … Continue reading

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Good Laws Will Only Make Sense If We Elect Good Leaders

On August 27th 2010, Kenya reached a milestone few other countries have been able to: the promulgation of a new constitution during ‘peace time’. The fact that this was done during times of peace is significant because historically, constitutional transitions … Continue reading

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Who Is To Blame For Poor Leadership? We Are!

We, the citizenry, are the authors of our own misfortune! We cry for leadership “change” with little inkling that the prevailing situation is of our own making. Not only because of the fact that we are responsible for electing our … Continue reading

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Redefining Leadership for a New Kenya

The very mention of the word ‘leadership’ in the Kenyan context conjures images of a small, albeit powerful, group of individuals who have gravitated around the center of power since the Moi regime. It is this small clique that is … Continue reading

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Leadership, Integrity & EACC

Chapter 6 on Leadership & Integrity is, in my view, one of the cornerstones of our new Constitution. Without it, the aspirations of the Kenyan people for effective and accountable leadership remain elusive. Chapter 6 seeks to define the parameters … Continue reading

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National Discourse in 2012 Must Transcend ICC

In the past few weeks, the national imagination has been completely consumed by the ICC and the confirmation of charges against four Kenyans. What has happened since that confirmation is cause for national concern. Two of the suspects in particular, … Continue reading

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